Made in FRANCE with US row materials
Made in FRANCE with US row materials
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"Your Confidence is Our Satisfaction"

MAGPIX® multiplexing system


MAGPIX® system is an affordable, compact fluorescent detection system suitable for medium-throughput multiplex molecular or immunoassays. Based on proven xMAP® technology, this instrument provides a platform for simple, cost-effective multiplexing of immuno- or molecular biology assays, with reproducibility similar to that of ELISAs, membrane-based hybridization, and western blotting.


The Luminex® 200™ analyzes the results of fluorescent bead–based assays by separating beads using flow cytometry, exciting them with two lasers to distinguish bead color (analyte) and assay signal-strength (PE) fluorescence intensity.

In contrast, the MAGPIX® system immobilizes beads with magnetic force, excites them using light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and detects beads and analytes using a CCD camera. The result is a more compact, robust, and cost-effective multiplexing tool. In addition, streamlined startup and shutdown protocols, and minimal maintenance requirements make the system easy to use, ideal for both new and experienced users.


The MAGPIX® multiplexing system offers benefits over traditional singleplex quantitation methods including :


Higher throughput —> up to 4,800 results in one hour
Increased flexibility —> single to multiplexing capability
Reduced sample volume —> 20 μl per sample

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