Made in FRANCE with US row materials
Made in FRANCE with US row materials
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"Your Confidence is Our Satisfaction"


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« Spoligotyping » (tubercle bacilli Direct Repeat or CRISPR genotyping) has more than 750 bibliographical references on PubMed between 1997 and 2013. Invented in 1997 at the RIVM in  the Nederlands, the original technique on membrane (reverse line-blot hybridization), was transfered on a microbeads format in the CDC in 2004. The IGM is in Europe among the experts in CRISPR loci typing on microbeads and a partner of Luminex®.


We propose both custom genotyping services as well as are selling oligonucleotide-coupled microbeads, whether polystyrene ou paramagnetic, to run CRISPR typing techniques to prevent infectious diseases spreading on Luminex devices. We also supply training to data-analysis and interpretation sofwares. Contact us for a quote or any specific request. Our dedicated team will be happy to answer you.


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