Made in FRANCE with US row materials
Made in FRANCE with US row materials
"Your Confidence is Our Satisfaction"
"Your Confidence is Our Satisfaction"

Our Products :

Our current product list :


- TB-SPOL  (43-Plex)

Mycobacterium tuberculosis spoligotyping (classical 43 spacers 43-Plex or extended 68 spacers format, 68-Plex for South-East Asia especially) Research Use Only (RUO) assay; check product availability, 68-Plex : RUO, upon request only


-TB-RINT(first-lane TB drug resistance)

Mycobacterium tuberculosis SNP typing for RIFAMPIN and ISONIAZID genotypic resistance mutations (16-Plex, for RIF (SpaWT1, rpoB516, 526, 531, SpaWT2) and INH (katG315, inhA-10, inhA-8). with internal controls (WT/mut alleles) except for SpaWT1 and SpaWT2 that are signal-off probes. RUO, upon request only


- TB-SPRINT (first-lane TB drug resistance combined to spoligotyping)

Mycobacterium tuberculosis TB-SPOL in association with TB-RINT (simultaneously or sequentially in two PCRs), for spoligotyping and RIFAMPIN and ISONIAZID genotypic resistance typing (59-Plex or 43+16-Plex, with rpoB, katG, inhA most prevalent mutations, see TB-RINT description) RUO, upon request only



Mycobacterium tuberculosis molecular identification and drug-resistance typing using the MLPA principle (50-Plex, for MagPix only) RUO, upon request only



-Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium CRISPR typing (72-Plex for Luminex 200 only)

RUO, upon request only


-Legionella pneumophila Pulsotype 1-Paris (42-Plex) RUO, upon request only


Our newest product

- TB-EFI (18-Plex for second-lane TB drug-resistance)

Mycobacterium tuberculosis spoligotyping in association (in two or in three PCRs), with RIFAMPIN (rpoB), ISONIAZID (katG, inhA), QUINOLONES (gyrA), AMINOGLYCOSIDES, (rrs, eis) and ETHAMBUTOL (embB) genotypic resistance typing. RUO, upon request only


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