Made in FRANCE with US row materials
Made in FRANCE with US row materials
"Your Confidence is Our Satisfaction"
"Your Confidence is Our Satisfaction"

A new "Allele call" Macro for TB-RINT users is available

Based on new Allele Call decisional algorithm, developed for the TB-ULTRA assay (second-line drug resistance 15-Plex assay on rrs, gyrA, embB, eis,  that is going to be launched soon), we have also modified and improved the TB-RINT (16-Plex) add-on test, by adapting this new Allele Call to this assay. Please visit our customer section only to download the new Results Matrix Analysis File.

Why it is a good idea to switch your spoligotyping experiments from membrane-based to microbead-based format

Firstly, you will get better results, faster and improved outputs, with less difficult and faster result interpretation Secondly, you will get semi-quantitative and not qualitative results, allowing to track mixed-populations more easily Thirdly, membrane-based is not so cheap  and Beamedex® microbead batches and Kits are made in France, at the best price, with the highest Quality Control and Production Procedures you may expect from Beamedex®. We only purchased Luminex® xMAP and MagPlex® beads and provide you with guaranteed shelf-life. We deliver batch numbers and Quality certificate on line, you can always track back your results with our results and see how your batch decays or not through time. You do not have to deal with EDC chemistry, product assembly, product checking, we are researchers, we did that for you to facilitate your research and your daily scientific life ! Fourthly, you will receive support from a trained and dedicated bioinformatic and scientific staff that will help you to analyze your results in case of need and will deliver protocols, notices and guidelines in your language

ESM congress (Sibenik 2017)

Beamedex announces the 38th annual congress of the European Society of Mycrobacteriology (ESM) which was held in Sibenik in Croatia from June 25-28th.

M. Clément Ripoll, Beamedex® CEO and Ms Bernice Klotoe, Beamedex® PhD student will be happy to help you and present our products and services.


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Coming soon : general review on the ESM congress (held in Valencia from June 30th till July 3rd 2019)