Made in FRANCE with US row materials
Made in FRANCE with US row materials
"Your Confidence is Our Satisfaction"
"Your Confidence is Our Satisfaction"


Beamedex® is a new player in the field of R&D and Research reagents for Health (Research use only, RUO products) supplier for Life Sciences. Based in Orsay, France, our first objective is to invent, develop, and bring to the market, products intended to provide Public Health Research services that should be run on Luminex® platforms, whether MagPix®, Luminex 200®, MilliPlex®, BioPlex® and FlexMap 3D®.


High throughput suspension chip bead-based technology improves multiplexing and lower costs. We are using the xMap® technology, whether on Magnetic MagPlex® or on Polystyrene xMAP® microbeads, linked to the power of flow cytometry and/or fluorescence imaging. Beamedex® is also providing training customized services, and bioinformatical support to improve knowledge based on previous high throughput data production.


Five RUO kits have been developed and are ready for use: they are based on the coupling of specific DNA probes to microspheres. Samples are amplified by PCR reactions, and hybridization/detection is done on Luminex systems. Targets are either SNPs, deletion regions, or spacers of CRISPR loci. 

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